Jan Aushadhi was started in 2016 at Ramanathapuram, by EVS Groups Authorized Distributor and Retailer of Tamilnadu which was founded with a purpose of helping people who buy medicines regularly by providing them access to genuine generic medicines at discounted prices. The guiding light behind the online ordering of medicines comes from the fact that a good number of medicines are not available beyond the major cities. Hence, reaching every nook and corner of India with the best possible options is the goal of EVS Groups. The project envisaged by the government to ensure only generic names are written on prescription can only be completed if the patient knows the options available for the given generic.

In the advent of the known practice of collusion between the pharmaceutical companies and the medical practitioner which has been criticized, banned and punished over time but still, the malice has not been eradicated. Also with the rise of the generic drug industry worldwide with India being the torchbearer, we can dream of a stage where no one dies due to lack of affordable medicine in our country.

And also we have more than 200 Distributors all over in Kerala.

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Any generic drug modeled after a single, brand name drug must perform approximately the same in the body as the brand name drug. There will always be a slight, but not medically important, level of natural variability just as there is for one batch of brand-name drug compared to the next batch of brand name product. This amount of difference would be expected and acceptable, whether for one batch of brand-name drug tested against another batch of the same brand or for a generic tested against a brand name drug. Generic manufacturers are able to sell their products at lower prices because they do not require to repeat the costly clinical trials of new drugs and generally do not pay for costly advertising, marketing, and promotion, In addition, multiple generic companies apply to FDA/FDCA to approve a generic for the same brand name drugs. Multiple generic companies are often approved to market a single product. Competition in the marketplace often results in lower prices

100% Genuine

30% of drugs sold today are spurious. We ensure genuine medicines from reputed companies in our entire range.

Only Medicines

Since it is a highly specialized field we deal only with medicines and nothing else.

Best Discounts

We offer discounts ranging from 10% to 80% on our entire range.

Our Vision and Mission

Evs group is committed to providing a medicine at an affordable price to every part of our society. Relationships play a big part of our business and it is our constant goal to build results, driven by trust and customer loyalty.

EVS Group is Combined with


How are we able to provide these medicines at such affordable costs? How has this been made possible by the EVS Group? We at EVS Group have tied up with the unique and extra ordinary scheme created by the Modi Government – The Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Jan Aushadi Kendra (PMBJK) which was launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India with the aim of providing quality medicines at affordable costs to the masses through their special kendras known as Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadi Kendra. The main focus and aim of this scheme is to make quality medicines available at most affordable prices to all, through the exclusive outlets – “Jan Aushadi Medical Store”.


A Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI) has been established on the 1st of December 2008 comprising all the Pharma CPSUs under the Department of Pharmaceuticals. The Bureau will bring about effective collaboration and cooperation in furthering the working and resources of these organizations more specifically it would:

  • Co-ordinate marketing of the generic drugs through the Jan Aushadhi stores.
  • Co-ordinate supply of medicines in the State from their own plants, other Pharma PSUs of Central & State Governments and Private Sector.
  • Monitor proper running of Jan Aushadhi stores with the help of other CPSUs

BPPI is required to coordinate with States to open stores, monitor functioning of the stores, fixing Maximum Retail Prices (including fixing common prices, in consultation with NPPA for the medicines manufactured by the CPSUs for Jan Aushadhi supply) and also suggest/approve common super stockiest to ensure a proper supply chain mechanism.

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