The Reason why everyone Loves Jan Aushadhi Medical Store

The main reason behind these Jan Aushadhi medicines is to provide cheaper and cost-effective medicines to the poor by making them affordable. The main aim is to discourage the use of branded medicines to make medicines affordable for the poor. Normally generic medicines are more affordable compared to the alternative branded medicines. In recently Indian government has taken various surveys to the availability … Read more

Why Generic Medicines are Important in India?

In India, generic medicines are more familiar than brand-name medicines because those generic medicines are equivalent to the brand-name medicine product with dosage, quality, strength, route of administration and its intended use. As similar to brand-name medicines the generic medicines need to get approval from FDA mentioning the composition, administration dosage is same as to … Read more

Why Jan aushadhi online medical store famous in Coimbatore?

Online Medical Store it is the far easier for the customer to get connected through an online and typically ordering a medicine is the process is far more streamlined than simply going to an online store. Jan aushadhi is the online Medical Store has a far better Chance of their Potential Customers Staying loyal to … Read more