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Why Generic Medicines are Important in India?

In India, generic medicines are more familiar than brand-name medicines because those generic medicines are equivalent to the brand-name medicine product with dosage, quality, strength, route of administration and its intended use. As similar to brand-name medicines the generic medicines need to get approval from FDA mentioning the composition, administration dosage is same as to the brand-name medicines

Generic Medicine is modeled as a brand-name medicine. Both the generic apply to all generic medicines. The brand-name uses the same ingredients as generic medicines and works the same way. Before generic medicine getting into a market the FDA Generic medicines program conducts a rigorous review to make certain generic medicines standards are same with those brand-name medicines, it came after to India with conducting 3,000 inspections and monitoring drug safety after the generic medicine has been approved and brought to market.

generic medicines list


  • Generic Medicines companies do not have to bear the cost of research and development and hence, can produce the medicines at a cheaper rate
  • Generic Medicines should have the same properties as the brand name medicines developed
  • They generally cost 30-60% lesser than branded medicines
  • Generic Medicines make healthcare affordable for everyone
  • Generic Medicines will be already tested for the safety before coming into the market

Generic Medicine VS Brand-Name Medicines

            The most important difference between these medicines is the cost is the main difference between these two medicines. But the quality, dosages were all not differing.

  Generic medicines Brand-name medicines
Preparation Laboratory based controlled and precise preparation Derived from complex, living ecosystems


of  Medicines

Have to precisely equal to the original drug combination in strength, active ingredients, methods of application, form, and results Have to be similar to the original product. Since brand-name medicines are derived from living ecosystems it is difficult to achieve equal copies

Permitted variations

Variations in inactive components but only after they have been chemically certified to not alter the intended effects of the drug or cause side-effects Brand-name medicines are based on literally being highly similar, this allows them to scope to have variations. The medicines added features to themselves

Principles of Generic Medicines Companies:

  1. It should wait for the patent protection to end before introducing the medicines to the market.
  2. It should make copies of the medicines developed by brands.
  3. Save money on research and development producing medicines at a lower cost
  4. India is the most generic drug-friendly company and the largest supplier of generic medicines.

Some of the Important Generic Medicine price lists are:

SI NO Medicines Generic Medicine Cost
1 Atrovastin 10mg+Fenofibrate  160mg 160.0024.39
2 Atrovastin 10mg+Clopidogrel 75mg 153.0029.31
3 Isosorbitrate Dinitrate 10mg ₹38.0017.70
4 Clopidogrel 75mg 75.0013.19
5 Vitamin + B Complex Syrup 200ml 56.0042.00
6 Heamotonic + Vitamin B Complex Syp 100ml 85.0031.00
7 Terbutaline + Bromhexine + Guaiphensin 83.0015.51

FAQ about Generic Medicines

Why is the government promoting Generic Medicines?

            The Indian Government hopes to revamp the spending on public health by coming up with a proposal to provide hundreds of primary drugs free to the poor and the need in state and government-run hospitals and clinics, city hospitals and rural clinics. Under the new policy, doctors will be limited to a generics-only drug list and face punishment for prescribing branded medicines. From private sector hospitals to small clinics, India’s public sector doctors will soon be able to prescribe generic drugs of every people, vastly expanding access to medicine in a country with 40 percent population living below the poverty line. Initial funding for the policy implementation has already started to flow.

From where can I buy generic medicines in India?

EVS Group launched Generic Medicines through an online pharmacy in India is in keeping with the government of India’s recent efforts to encourage the use of affordable generic drugs, instead of expensive brand-name medicines. Jan Aushadhi was started in Coimbatore, by EVS Groups is the Authorized Distributor and Retailer of Tamilnadu which was started with a purpose of helping people who buy medicines by providing them generic medicines with discounted prices. The Main purpose of these generic medicines is everyone should need to get proper medicines with low costs for their healthy life.

Are Generic Medicines Safe and Effective?

            As noted in the section right above, yes, generic medicines are safe and effective. A number of research papers, reviews and clinical trials have been conducted to establish the efficacy of generic medicines. We have mentioned the results of a few tests and in all these tests it was proved that generic medicines performed as well as brand medicines.

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