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The Reason why everyone Loves Jan Aushadhi Medical Store

The main reason behind these Jan Aushadhi medicines is to provide cheaper and cost-effective medicines to the poor by making them affordable. The main aim is to discourage the use of branded medicines to make medicines affordable for the poor. Normally generic medicines are more affordable compared to the alternative branded medicines. In recently Indian government has taken various surveys to the availability for these generic medicines are very high in the market.

Generic medicines are as effective as their brand names, except they are typically sold at a cheaper price than the brand-name drug. Companies spend large amounts on marketing, selling and promotional activities which also include pushing doctors to write more prescriptions for their brands. However, the government’s move could mean that consumers can ask for a generic drug at the chemist, which will reduce their medical bills concurrently.

Usability of Jan Aushadhi Medicines in India

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Main Purpose of these Jan Aushadhi Medicines:

The main purpose of generic medicines in reducing the healthcare expenditure has been recognized for a long time. Multiple studies have proven that saving through substitution of originator brands by cheaper generic medicines, savings in the range of 10-90% can be achieved. Most national governments have been encouraging the use of generic medicines worldwide and many healthcare systems have policies of substituting expensive branded original medications with generic medicines. The generic medicines are the same as the brand-name medicines as the same effectiveness, dosage, safety, strength and quality.

Generic medicines normally cost less than the brand-name medicines. Usually, the generic medicines use the same active ingredients which are using same as in brand-name medicines. The other hurdles include non-availability of a greater number of qualified pharmacists & dispensers on medical shops.

The quality behind these generic medicines:

            The quality of the medicines will never differ to the brand-name medicine quality. The usage of these generic medicines is steadily increasing because the quality of the medicines is equal to brand-name medicines.

  • The main purpose of these generic medicines is everyone should need to get proper medicines with low costs for their healthy life.
  • Generic medicines are precisely equal to the original drug combination in strength, active ingredients, methods of application, form, and results.
  • The brand-name uses the same ingredients as generic medicines and works the same way.

Generic drugs will play the major role to provide the opportunity for major savings in the healthcare expenditure. The practice of generic medicines substitution in India is strongly supported by the health authorities in India.

The government has identified some of the essential medicines which include antibiotics, painkillers, used in the treatment of cardiovascular, diabetes diseases. Since prescription based medicines cannot be promoted through advertisements, companies often promote their brands through doctors and chemists. As the consumers have to rely on the doctor’s prescription or on chemists, they are at a disadvantage. The government’s latest move providing an umbrella brand for generic drugs is aimed at enabling consumers to make that critical choice. Once the generic medicine is rolled out, the government plans to make it mandatory for public hospitals to prescribe it wherever possible.

Generic Medicines in India:

Generic medicine is equally precisely equal to the original drug combination in strength, active ingredients, and methods of application, form and results. While it is acceptable that good quality generics can be compared to the branded drugs, the quality depends upon the processing and manufacturing of a research molecule.
As per the rich experience of the doctors, the original molecules are more competent in curing the root of the disease as compared to the various molecules collected and collaborated to form medicines through dubious ways.

The cost of pharmaceuticals, as a percentage of total health care spending, has been rising worldwide. This has resulted in strained national budgets and a high proportion of people without access to essential medications. Though India has become a global hub of generic drug manufacturing, the expected benefits of cheaper drugs are not translating into savings for ordinary people. This is in part due to the rise of branded generics, which are marketed at a price point close to the innovator brands. Unbranded generic medicines are not finding their way into prescriptions due to issues of confidence and perception, though they are proven to be much cheaper and comparable in efficacy to branded medicines. Also, unbranded generic medicines are much cheaper when compared to the most selling brands and they can bring down the treatment costs in primary care and family practice. However, the generic medicines are added with the same active ingredients which are also added the same in the brand-name medicines

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